Cruise at August, 2008

How to increase website traffic - Complete CSS gallery list

Complete CSS gallery list is my small contribution meant to help you increase your traffic in a very natural way. Be warned before reading on – list is rather long, and it will take time to go through it
to submit your website.

What’s the idea behind the list and all CSS gallery concept? For those who don’ know by now, CSS gallery are showcase sites where good designed websites, blogs, or even certain page elements are gathered in one place. So if you have eye catching design but hardly anyone stops by to see it, submitting to galleries might just be what you need.

Most of the galleries have their rules and guides regarding web design, CSS markup or used technology/framework so you can’t submit just anything. Artistic websites on the other hand or, websites that can match the style of these, can easily get on the homepage or be top rated in their respective categories in number of CSS galleries. That in turn brings exposure which transfers into traffic increase, not to mention that it’s always nice to get some additional backlinks. (more…)

Top Firefox extensions for Web Developers, SEO and common use addons

Here you will be able to find recommended extensions/addons for your favorite browser.

Extensions are separated in three categories:

Top 10 extensions for web developers:

1. Firebug | more info | download


Firebug is revolutionary extension in web development which allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. With firebug you can monitor AJAX calls and responses, visualize and change CSS on the fly, explore the DOM and track JavaScript bugs (more…)