Cruise at October, 2008

About Freemasons wiki

During the last few years all of us were witnesses that social networks and heavy content pages websites were dominating on the web.

Web Design Beach decided to try with one more experiment and track growth of wiki style website About Freemasons.

This will be nice experience for all of us where we will monitor Google, Yahoo and MSN activities, organic traffic and visitors interaction and contribution.

More info coming soon :)

SEO for Flash - Google crawling experiment - part 1

During the last month we were been able to read lots of articles and comments regarding new Google update for Adobe Flash indexing.

How exactly this works?

It looks no one knows for sure

To discover this mystery Web Design Beach decided to make experiment and try to find answers for lots of questions like:

  • How Google index text embedded in Adobe Flash?
  • Does Google follow links embedded in Adobe Flash?
  • Can Google index external content loaded in Adobe Flash?
  • Can Google index imported swf files?
  • Can Google index Flash created with JavaScript Object?