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Implementing PayPal Payflow link in Zen Cart and Silent Post URL

Ever had a problem with implementing PayPal Payflow Link in Zen Cart and making Silent Post URL to work?
I had for a while and it was a challenge. I made a whole site in Zen Cart (Web Design Beach favorite shopping cart solution) and couldn’t just give up at the end, because of Silent Post URL problem. There was only one way out - either to find someone to fix it for me or me, myself and I against PayPal’s Payflow link, Silent Post URL and Zen Cart. (more…)

Top Firefox extensions for Web Developers, SEO and common use addons

Here you will be able to find recommended extensions/addons for your favorite browser.

Extensions are separated in three categories:

Top 10 extensions for web developers:

1. Firebug | more info | download


Firebug is revolutionary extension in web development which allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. With firebug you can monitor AJAX calls and responses, visualize and change CSS on the fly, explore the DOM and track JavaScript bugs (more…)