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10 Time Savers for Every Developer and Programmer

Perhaps one of the biggest things every developer shares is trying to find ways to speed up their production.  Because after all we would much rather be out in the sun at the beach rather than stuck in an office.  Below are 10 tips and tricks (in no particular order) I have found to help speed up production, workflow and even working with clients.

1. Find a good medium for support whenever you get stuck.  We all have those moments were we can’t figure out a bug or the client has some off the wall request that doesn’t even seem possible.  At first I must admit I was very weary of forums or support communities but, it’s grown on me.  My favorite is they have tremendous support with everything from seo tips, to zen-cart help.  Whenever I get really stuck I’ll just submit a question to webmasterworld and within a day or two usually get the answer.