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An Event Apart Seattle 2009

an event apartGoing to a conference or some annual event you have never been at is always a good thing. If it’s good you’re sure to learn something, meet with people and discuss web and everything that goes with it. In case it’s not so good at least you’ll change usual routine a bit and visit a new place or try out a new restaurant, serves almost as mini-break of sort.

Joking aside, we decided to go to An Event Apart from May 4th till May 5th, 2009 in Bell Harbor Conference Center this year (Seattle - Washington State). I had pretty high expectations from it and I can safely say I wasn’t disappointed which isn’t really surprising considering that An Event Apart is organized by Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer. (more…)

Underline or not to underline links?

If you are designer I guess all the time you ask yourself should I add underlines on links or not?

Sometimes links that are not underlined can fit better in design and that is the beginning of our dilemma.

Underline or not to underline links? The question is now.

Should we make compromise between design and usability? Can underlined links increase number of clicks and help user to easier find what he is looking for?

To track users you can use eyeTracking tools that are tracing users eye movements or you can just trace mouse click and generate heat maps. (more…)