Ajax Fancy CAPTCHA Update


Just a quick reminder for all of you using our Ajax Fancy CAPTCHA to update to latest version. It fixes issue with Internet Explorer 9 which previously prevented CAPTCHA from working. You can download it here.

Wa also updated Ajax Fancy CAPTCHA Wordpress plugin. You can download new version here.

If you find any other bugs please let us know.

Watchalyzer, Watch Magazine and Review Website, Launched

We’re proud to announce that our latest project, online watch magazine, is launched. Watchalyzer will be focused on publishing high-quality wristwatch reviews and latest news in haute horology. Starting off small but with knowledgeable team determined to bring only the best to their readers, we’re sure that they’ll grow and become recognized name in the world of watches magazines.

World Soccer Anthems -iPhone application

iphone hymns app icon

So the Fifa World Cup is only 10 days away and I am an avid Football (you call it soccer) fan from Holland. Actually that is probably an understatement, I am a die hard fan.

I am also a respectful fan and have always been intrigued by the National Anthem for each team. When the Dutch national Anthem is played in a stadium of 80,000 people and the whole stadium sings along, it just gives me an adrenaline rush.

I know my own national anthem, but always was intrigued by what the other countries were actually singing, so I decided to contact the guys at Web Design Beach and collaborate on one of my passions, soccer and combine it with their awesome design skills to create a super simple iPhone application for the World Cup.


Twitter backgrounds gallery by webdesignbeach

After a great success of our free Twitter backgrounds post, we decided to make a whole website and give you daily updates of beautiful background designs. We’ve started a Twitter backgrounds gallery called Twitterevolutions.



On-Site SEO Factors

I’ll start this post by saying that list of on-site SEO factors that is in front of you is meant to be a (short) recap of how certain factors can affect your rankings and how important they might be. To put things in perspective, on-site SEO has less impact on rankings compared to some other factors like trust and authority of domain and number and quality of external links. But here is something that you need to think about before dismissing on-site SEO as unimportant:

- Having good on-site SEO might not be enough reach top rankings by itself but having that aspect of SEO neglected will most definitely bring penalty and hamper your other efforts to achieve good rankings. To make extreme example, pages that have no title or try to rank for “Web Design” and page title is something like “Pet Food” really won’t do that well.

- While on-site SEO is relatively less important for broad and very competitive keywords, when it comes to long tails its importance raises dramatically. Having carefully chosen title for certain inner page that has good content and a lot of inbound links and you just might see page getting top rankings if overall domain trust is high.