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Update: For more Twitter backgrounds go to our new website twitter backgrounds gallery

With Twitter growing each day you can see more and more Twitter backgrounds out there. We at Web Design Beach decided to join the fun and make few ourselves. After all, Twitter theme you use is something people will notice, so having one that stands out can’t be a bad thing. We present you six brand new Twitter backgrounds for you to download and use if you like.

Every background is free, lightweight and optimized for mostly used 1024 resolution but we were thinking about all of you with big screens so have no fear our Twitter layouts are going to look the same on 1280px or wide screen.

  • Web Design Beach Twitter background

Web Design Beach Twitter background
background d8d3b6
text 333333
links 0084b4
sidebar d8d3b6
sidebar border c9b48a

  • Zen Birds Twitter background

Zen Birds Twitter background

background c8cdd1
text 266188
links d55158
sidebar f5e6e4
sidebar border d99084

  • Rock Pirates Twitter background

Rock Pirates Twitter background
background 161d23
text 1c5486
links 0b3258
sidebar c8dbeb
sidebar border 5e7e9b

  • Old School Psycho Twitter background

Old School Psycho Twitter background
background 0e0f11
text 333333
links 275d5d
sidebar c7e3e2
sidebar border 8cb1af

  • Eco Twitter background

Eco Twitter background
background 70572f
text 8d4059
links 408eda
sidebar fceff3
sidebar border e5b7c6

  • iPhone Mania Twitter background

iPhone Mania Twitter background
background 0d0e14
text 333333
links 964f8e
sidebar dcdcdc
sidebar border 1f2f40

Update: For more Twitter backgrounds go to our new website twitter backgrounds gallery

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16 Responses to “Free Twitter Backgrounds”

  1. Rock Pirates Says:

    Rock Pirates rock! Thanks guys

  2. Eddie Says:

    I love the zen back ground. very cool.

  3. Branko Pajic Says:

    Great design, thanks for share! :)

  4. @magali_c Says:


  5. Jo Schmidt Says:

    Love your beach for Twitter. Recommended you. I cannot load. Saved beach as a jpg. Went to my Twitter/settings/design/change background image/browse. Nothing happened. I would really like to use your beach for my Twitter! Can anyone help me? Thanks!

  6. ognjenk Says:

    Hi Jo,
    I’m glad you like our artwork :)

    Please try and upload image you saved again on Twitter. I myself had trouble uploading yesterday.
    They where probably working on their site or there’s some problem with their server cause it happens from time to time.

    Let us know how it went and send us a link to your Twitter account :)

  7. Marcia Carlson Says:

    Background looks awesome now…

  8. Amy Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful Hummingbird Twitter Background.

  9. Lil' Peekr Says:

    Great custom Twitter backgrounds, I really like ‘em — I think I like the Hummingbird best :-)

  10. Andrew Says:

    Excellent! And I use one of them in my twitter account :-D Thanks!

  11. @rlux Says:

    Thanks so much! Just added the Zen Birds to my profile.

  12. Webaryans Says:

    It’s very nice. Like it.


  13. himadri dimri Says:

    Amazing backgrounds thank you :) But there should be something that does not depend on the window size. It should remain as it is no matter we change the size or not :)

  14. Clickis Says:

    Great design. Excellent work! Thanks.

  15. solidjenjen Says:

    Nice background dude.. Keep up the good work..

  16. web dizajn Says:

    Nice background, interesting stuff! Thx!