Well Established Web Design Companies Acquire Popular CSS Gallery

SAN DIEGO, CA - (February 17, 2019) - Web Design Beach and Cofa Media are pleased to announce their acquisition of CSS Creme, one of the leading CSS galleries on the Web. The two reputable companies plan to make the site an even better showcase for Web page design, tutorials and templates.

CSS Cremewas founded by Adrian Lazariuc two years ago and quickly became one of the most popular CSS galleries on the Web by providing quality design, free wallpapers, templates and tutorials. It didn’t take long for the site to become one of the first places designers visit when looking for inspiration and the latest trends in Web page design.

“CSS Creme has been one of our favorite galleries for a while now, so when opportunity to acquire it presented itself we didn’t hesitate,” said Nikola Mitic from Web Design Beach. “It will be a great challenge for us to make this already awesome gallery even better. We plan on involving all of our departments, from the Web design and development team to our SEO and SEM specialists, in order to provide even more top quality content on CSS Creme and improve rankings and traffic.”

“CSS Creme will enable to us to showcase the best designs and web sites that are on the net today,” said Edwin Lap from Cofa Media. “It will be a showcase piece for individuals looking for top quality Web design and Web designers, tutorials and templates.”

Visit www.webdesignbeach.com for more information about Web design.

About Web Design Beach:
This Web design company is unlike others because they understand how to take what their clients want, offer their professional opinions and combine them to create a Web site worth being proud that reaches out to the current market and expands it to surpass any goals. Web Design Beach offers Web design, eCommerce solutions, Web development, custom logo design and SEO services.

About Cofa Media:
Cofa Media can take any Web site to the next level, from the concept to the Web development and design. Their Web design services build a bridge between beauty and basics with conceptual branding, functionality, design, interactive features and dynamic art.

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5 Responses to “Well Established Web Design Companies Acquire Popular CSS Gallery”

  1. Mark White Says:


  2. CSS Gallery Says:

    Yes congratulations on your new acquisition! CSSCreme.com is a solid CSS Gallery with a large following. They are one of the few CSS Galleries that enable you to search by color on top of the more standard categories. Though when dealing with thousands of css designs in your gallery, even categories becomes difficult. Although I see one great piece of info was left out of this article, Price! We all would love to know the secret price of success!

  3. Stanley @ SEOAdsenseThemes.com Says:

    Price? I doubt anybody would reveal such an important piece of information :)

    Anyway, congratulations on your success. CSSCreme.com has a permanent spot in my bookmarks list.

  4. Norma Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. This gives me some ideas on how to create my own CSS-website.

  5. Magento Impulsis Says:

    Wow, didn’t know that! Always reading CSS Creme, so I hope the showcases will become even more interesting.