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Drag and Drop Captcha Demo

What is it:

Ajax Fancy Captcha is a Wordpress plugin that helps you protect your web pages from bots and spammers. We are introducing you to a new, intuitive way of completing “verify humanity” tasks. In order to do that you are asked to drag and drop specified item into a circle.

Captcha’s security level is medium, with the emphasis on nice looking and user friendly qualities while still offering reasonable protection from unwanted “guests”. Basic design and its elements are easy to change and customize (take a look at file structure for more information).
If you have any ideas, comment or just want to say hello, please do - any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Upload the Ajax Fancy Captcha plugin to your Wordpress plugin’s directory. Activate it, configure your preferred color and style, enjoy!

How it works:

It calls captcha.php file and gets a random number. Php file just generates simple number and put it in session. When AJAX got that number it creates items based on that number. Lets imagine that we have array of “pencil”, “scissors”, “clock”, “heart”, “note”, so if number 3 is returned it will take “heart” and look for item-heart.png file in /imgs directory.



Staying up to date:

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42 Responses to “Ajax Fancy Captcha - Wordpress Plugin”

  1. Sergej Müller Says:

    Fine Plugin, thank you.

  2. Sham Says:

    Nice plugin instead of troubling people to type some thing its mor funny and interactive

  3. Sham Says:

    Not working..I uploaded and activated it ..But its not showing up in the site..

  4. Derek Says:

    @ Sham same with me.

  5. Vladimir Says:

    hello guys, problem is in these includes:


    please check your rewrite rules in apache, maybe some other plugin rewrites it ?

  6. Sham Says:




    Check out pl every thing is fine..Yet its not showing up..

  7. Vladimir Says:

    Hi Sham,
    because you use template which is not based on default wp theme standards i suggest you to insert css and js links by hand. Go to your template directory and set in head tag following:

    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://www.webdesignbeach.com/beachbar/wp-content/plugins/AjaxFancyCaptcha/latest-jquery/jquery-1.3.1.js’></script>

    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://www.webdesignbeach.com/beachbar/wp-content/plugins/AjaxFancyCaptcha/latest-jquery-ui/jquery.ui.all.js’></script>
    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://www.webdesignbeach.com/beachbar/wp-content/plugins/AjaxFancyCaptcha/jquery.captcha.js’></script>
    <link href="http://www.webdesignbeach.com/beachbar/wp-content/plugins/AjaxFancyCaptcha/captcha.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
    var borderColor = "#3A6EA4"; /* border color hex or left it null if you don’t want to change border color*/
    var captchaDir = "http://www.webdesignbeach.com/beachbar/wp-content/plugins/AjaxFancyCaptcha/" /* path to captcha files (if you use domain http://www.example.com path should present all subfolders after that, start with "/") */
    var url = captchaDir + "captcha.php" /* this is name of form action */
    var formId = "commentform" /* id of your form */
    var items = Array("pencil", "scissors", "clock", "heart", "note");
    var style = ‘margin-top: 50px; padding: 0px;’;

    $(function() {

    $("p:has(’textarea’)").append(’<div class="ajax-fc-container" style="’ + style + ‘"></div>’);
    $(".ajax-fc-container").captcha(); /* in this line note that ajax-fc-container is a class and we reference it with .(dot), if you want to change class to id, don’t forget to replace the dot with # sign and also to describe it in css file. */


  8. David Says:

    Nice idea. Are you destroying the session when all is done? I find that a problem with a lot of captchas is that once you’ve posted, you can use the same session to post a form over and over. particularly bad for account registration.

  9. Vladimir Says:

    Thanks for you comment, we are planing to do that in next version of captcha …

  10. onelargeprawn Says:

    This plugin didn’t work for me either.

    I’m testing it offline (using XAMPPLITE) and I’ve disabled all other plugins except AFC. All the code Vladimir mentioned is appearing before the tag but I still cannot see the Captcha in the comments area.

    Is there some code I am suppose to add to comments.php so that the Captcha will show up?

  11. Ulrich Says:

    Great wp-plugin :-)
    @vlad: After changing the folder names and the characters for the inverted commas everything works fine. thx!

    According to the gpl-license is it allowed to translate the instructions? I would be delighted to help with the translation into DE, BG, RU.

  12. mixterr Says:

    cool plugin!!

  13. Ziqurrat Says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for this really useful plugin!
    I’ve translated it in Italian. If you please, you can get the translation in a zip file by visiting my site or I can send you only the text.

  14. seoguy Says:

    Thanks Ziqurrat!

    We will download it from your website

  15. Aaron Says:

    Doesn’t work for me. I want this on my registration page and have pasted the code above. All the links work, but the plugin doesn’t show up. On WP 2.7.1. Can you help?

  16. blade Says:

    A little hack to avoid js number prediction, wishing you enjoy it:

    Instead to return the number, return a phrase from php that allow user to understand which image he need to drag&drop. Php must have a structured array with: (0 => img, array(phrases),1 => img,array(phrases),ecc…). Extract a random key number, and save it into a session. Then return a random phrases from the value of the key extracted before.
    Also js can retrieve from php an array with the phrase, the correct image and the other tot image that the user will see (using json)
    Js only work for get the php result, build the html, drag&drop interaction and send result to php.
    More phrases for a single image is better.
    Robot can predictable the result only if the know all the phrases and the image associated with them.
    Remember, “Predictable is inversely proportional to Randomness.”

    Sorry for bad english ; )

  17. moralde Says:

    really cool captcha. I’m holding my breath until all the issues mentioned above are settled in your promised next version.

  18. Rakshit Says:

    I tried the script, but see a weird behavior. I get the images in the array.. though the image that should be dragged does not appear. Instead the default image of item-none(the book) appears. Can you please help?The script is surely impressive and a visual treat.

    nobody is giving solution. everybody is busy in saying nice scrpit , good idea …etc..

  19. Kim H Says:

    How would I be able to insert this in a custom form? For example, my theme is pages made with custom templates, but I want to create a contact form with this on the bottom. How would I designate it to do that? Would I use this one or the non-plugin-version? I rather like this Captcha, and have been looking into solutions for inserting one into a custom contact form.

    The other flaw I noticed while using the captcha just now is if you accidentally release the dragged picture and it falls on the edge of the circle it won’t work, and even if you try to correct it, it will not work.

  20. Custom term paper Says:

    its really something very different from other wp blogs captcha. havent seen such unique one anywhere before.

    will download and have it on my entertainment blog :) hope it gets on it properly without any probs mentioned in above comments. Thanx

  21. Hottab Says:

    Interesting Captha. To the author of a thank!

  22. Андрей Says:

    Здравствуйте, Владимир! Не планируется ли локализованной версии вашей каптчи на русском языке?

  23. Dukessa Says:

    Naww this is SO cute :D
    Thank you :)

  24. Dukessa Says:

    For all the people having issues (captcha not showing in page and admin panel):

    - Deactivate Plugin
    - Go to your plugins folder, rename the ajax-fancy-captcha folder to AjaxFancyCaptcha
    - Activate plugin again

    If you can see it now… well.. good!
    If not you need one more step:
    - Deactivate plugin again
    - Take the file afc.php from the plugin folder, from line 21 to 27 you will see some links, take off the “/” from before “wp-content/plugins/AjaxFancyCaptcha/…”, for every link.
    - Activate plugin again


  25. Menace Says:

    If you are not getting the correct (draggable) image make sure you have <?php instead of <? in captcha.php for PHP5.

  26. chandu veluru Says:


    Very nice plugin…But I want to implement this plugin in Wordpress MU. Please help me What the necessary changes have to be made so that it will work in WPMU

  27. sorry but Says:

    i have problem, sometimes it generates a item which is not shown, any idea how fix it??

  28. sorry but Says:

    i mean it does generate always not shown item its free script or what?

  29. sorry but Says:

    one more, it does not work under opera 10.1
    images are always item-none
    too bad such a nice addon is not working properly

  30. sorry but Says:

    ok i get where problem is, it does not work on WAMP properly!

  31. Nocif Says:

    Very sexy plugin, but unfortunately doesn’t work on WP 2.9.1. Have you got an idea please?
    Wordpress says to me :
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp\www\Wordpress\wp-content\plugins\AjaxFancyCaptcha\afc.php on line 97.
    Thanks by advance..

  32. Webchester Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful plugin.

  33. Anders Lybecker Says:

    It didn’t work out of the box for me either. I installed from the Wordpress Plugins site.

    Rename the plugins folder from ajax-fancy-captcha to AjaxFancyCaptcha.

  34. Mom Says:

    Mary this is great Go Canes!

  35. Amit Says:

    Nice word press plug in, very easy to install, looks great.

    Thank you so much.

  36. Spunky Jones Says:

    This plugin works very well to stop all of the generic spam comments I was getting on my blog.
    However, I do have a slight problem that I can’t reply to comments using the WP admin panel. I get a message to move the object into the circle.

    I have to open the post page to replay and then move an object into the circle.

  37. a Says:

    hi, it seems the left most image would always cause error, error means the captcha think it is a wrong answer even it is right, please correct this, thanks

  38. Dandiz Says:

    Nice plugin! Thank you :)

  39. fedetec89 Says:

    i tried this plugin, works pretty good. Tanks

  40. chodirin Says:

    great and creative plugin.

  41. Jacqui Says:

    Great plugin. This will fit perfectly with one of my themes.

  42. snatur Says:

    Plugin Ajax is very simply and easy to install.