seo web design

When it comes to creating professional web page design, there are certain qualities and elements in they way you place your information so that you are not only able to tell your customer what services you offer, but do it in such a way that will allow them to associate what they need with your company.

That is what we are here to do for you. With our professional web site design and SEO services, we will be able to not only successfully reach out to your current market, but also expand it in such a way that you will be able to grow your market to reach and surpass any goals you set for yourself.

We do this for you by setting our own goals when working with you. Our Web Design Company is unlike others because we understand the importance of taking what you want for your web page design, offer our professional web site design opinion and combine them to give you something that you will be proud to call your web site.

With our web page design, we offer clients:

  • Clean, fast loading design
  • An easy to navigate page for both you and your customers
  • CSS/XHTML compliance
  • SEO web design built into pages to allow for optimal search results

web 2.0

There are many benefits with Web 2.0, such as being able to have an advantage on websites or in e-commerce business when it comes to increasing your users interactivity. This system clearly gives you the cutting edge over Web 1.0 which was a traditional way of website designing.

With this advantage, our customers using Web 2.0 become successful with their user interface results, making them successful in business on the Internet.


With our Content Management System (CMS) and modules, we will be able to truly give you control over your website. If you want to add features like news, products, flash video streaming, articles, subscriptions to your website, we will make it manageable for you to add the content you want, without taking web programming classes.

Internet Branding

We want your target buyers to know they can go to your website for what they need. This is known as Internet Branding. With our help, we can get hundreds of consumers to notice and recognize you as their choice for what they need and care about.

Our Internet Branding services offer your company:

  • Brand awareness – your customer will know what your company offers
  • Brand recognition – your customer will make an immediate connection between you and the product
  • Brand loyalty – your customer will see your product as "superior"
  • Brand equity – your customer will see more value in your product

flash design

We offer the best in Flash Design for our customers. With Interactive Flash Animation, we at Web Design Beach will use the powerful flash video capabilities and application development features available from Adobe Flash technology to create the top quality Flash web site design that has a rich user interfaces, as well as flash banners ads and more.

From our flash development team you can expect:

  • Flash websites
  • Flash intros
  • Web animations & banners
  • CD-rom multimedia
  • Rich media applications
  • Flash ECommerce
  • Flash application development
  • Flash video and streaming

Information Architecture

You want to be able to know your customers will be able to find the products they are searching for, so our information architecture will organize and label your web site applications and pages so your customers will find what they are searching for with ease. This isn’t something that magically happens; our information architecture comes from long time experience and tests. But once our information architecture is done, we continue to monitor your website to see what your customers are doing, and how they are using your web site.

Banner Ads

Regardless to what type of banner ads you use or prefer, the concept of a banner ad is a great way to allow you to brand your products. We will do research in order to created the best banner ads for your products, which will give your company the highest possible Click Through Rate (CTR).
We will also gather information during our banner ads campaign with you in order to improve the banner ads we create for you.


We want to offer you competitive pricing for our services, so our web page design services starts from $3,000.

Our price for Flash Design websites are priced for affordability, and starts at $5,000.