Ajax Fancy CAPTCHA Update


Just a quick reminder for all of you using our Ajax Fancy CAPTCHA to update to latest version. It fixes issue with Internet Explorer 9 which previously prevented CAPTCHA from working. You can download it here.

Wa also updated Ajax Fancy CAPTCHA Wordpress plugin. You can download new version here.

If you find any other bugs please let us know.

Beginner’s Manual to Breaking Passwords

Every one of us has wanted at some point in our lives to be a hacker and break into other people’s computers. However, most of us give up this idea not so much because of moral reasons as because of modest intellectual abilities.

1. The question of morality

The question of morality can be easily banalized by asking yourself the question ‘Am I a coward?’ If your answer is positive, then you definitely shouldn’t be a hacker. Your conscience will trouble you whenever you do something wrong.
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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Website

colorful and fun color scheme
Marketing and psychological research that studies how certain colors and color schemes appeal to consumers in different ways have now become fairly mainstream for many different types of businesses. When it comes to the web, these kinds of considerations are even more important for businesses who want to get the most out of their investment. Most web designers and graphic designers are aware of the particular methods for choosing a color scheme and they know what colors work well together. However, for the average person looking to create their own website, choosing colors can sometimes be daunting.
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Magento Developers Meetup

Magento bannerMagento hosted a Developers meet up on Thursday, September 16th, 2010. The meet up was located at Magento’s HQ  in beautiful Culver City. This event was RSVP only and had 50 spots open. I signed up a bit late, but I managed to get one of the last few spots.

I cruised up with Edwin Lap, CEO / Cofa Media, and Gilberto Cortez, eVisability. We arrived at the headquarters around 6:58 PM, 2 minutes before the “Mix and Mingle” and grabbed our specialty name tags along with some cool Magento stickers. Magento’s workspace was incredible. I immediately fell in love with the bright colored walls and the whole “warehouse” vibe it gave off. Pizza and sodas were offered and more people started showing up.

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An Overview of HTML 5

html 5 overview
Technology is forever changing; even now there are brilliant minds at work that are trying to make the world of tomorrow more convenient for the minds of today. The Internet is an area of great technological innovation. Connecting to people across the globe is truly one of the biggest improvements we have made in our lives, and yet we can still make what we have better, and this ambition is what keeps our technologies recent and useful.
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Watchalyzer, Watch Magazine and Review Website, Launched

We’re proud to announce that our latest project, online watch magazine, is launched. Watchalyzer will be focused on publishing high-quality wristwatch reviews and latest news in haute horology. Starting off small but with knowledgeable team determined to bring only the best to their readers, we’re sure that they’ll grow and become recognized name in the world of watches magazines.
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World Soccer Anthems -iPhone application

iphone hymns app icon

So the Fifa World Cup is only 10 days away and I am an avid Football (you call it soccer) fan from Holland. Actually that is probably an understatement, I am a die hard fan.

I am also a respectful fan and have always been intrigued by the National Anthem for each team. When the Dutch national Anthem is played in a stadium of 80,000 people and the whole stadium sings along, it just gives me an adrenaline rush.

I know my own national anthem, but always was intrigued by what the other countries were actually singing, so I decided to contact the guys at Web Design Beach and collaborate on one of my passions, soccer and combine it with their awesome design skills to create a super simple iPhone application for the World Cup.

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Creating Simple Visual Effects Using JQuery Instead of Adobe Flash

flash vs jquery

In 1996, Macromedia launched its famous vector-based animation software, Macromedia Flash – now Adobe Flash with the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe in 2005. While JavaScript was introduced by Netscape in 1995, it wasn’t until Microsoft incorporated it into the 1997 version of Internet Explorer 4.0 that JavaScript started to get real recognition as a notable programming language for the web. However, JavaScript was incredibly slow back then and browsers simply did not have the processing power to cope with advanced use of the language.

Now, over a decade since its inception, JavaScript has grown by leaps and bounds to become intrinsic to web development. With the advent of AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) techniques and the proliferation of JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, JavaScript is poised to dominate the web development world.

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Twitter backgrounds gallery by webdesignbeach

After a great success of our free Twitter backgrounds post, we decided to make a whole website and give you daily updates of beautiful background designs. We’ve started a Twitter backgrounds gallery called Twitterevolutions.


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Google Auto Suggest Can Be Funny

We all use Google on daily basis to search for various things. Their search has one neat feature – auto suggest can be very useful and save you some time and give you additional ideas. But what happens when those suggestions are a bit off? You might have seen at least of some of these “googlelolz” by now but no harm in remind you about funny auto suggests, that it while they remain funny. Some of these are almost scary. Enjoy! :)

google auto suggest
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