Beginner’s Manual to Breaking Passwords

Every one of us has wanted at some point in our lives to be a hacker and break into other people’s computers. However, most of us give up this idea not so much because of moral reasons as because of modest intellectual abilities.

1. The question of morality

The question of morality can be easily banalized by asking yourself the question ‘Am I a coward?’ If your answer is positive, then you definitely shouldn’t be a hacker. Your conscience will trouble you whenever you do something wrong.

Here are a few techniques how to get rid of moral principles and appease your conscience.

  • Imagine that the man whose password you should break is making fun of you before your friends and family. Everybody is laughing their heads off and saying ‘oh, what an amusing fellow’. As a result of his being so funny and the amusement he is causing, your wife leaves you, marries him and has ten children with him.
  • Convince yourself that he is an evil man and that he would do the same thing to you if he knew how
  • When you were children he called you a blind pig

2. The question of intellect

Intelligence is something that you don’t need at all!

Now, you are ready to become a Hacker - stupid, immoral person with no conscience!

Breaking admin user/pass-given by countries

1. India

Let’s start from the easiest enemy:

The inventors of chess are well-known for their numeracy skills, but they are far from that when it comes to passwords. So, this is what you should try:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 123456

This combination will do the trick in 70% of cases, but in case the administrator is a cunning old fox, try this:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 123456789

Pay attention to the ‘789′ part, by adding 789 the cunning administrator provided far more security

2. The USA

Oh, this is far more dangerous opponent. They use alphanumeric passwords, which can have up to 7 characters. They are known for propagating username into password, which was brought by the Europeans when settling in this continent. Here is the combination that works in most cases:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin123

If, by any chance, the combination above doesn’t work, try this:

  • Username: test
  • Password: test123

3. Europe

And we got to the last and the most dangerous enemy of ours, Europeans! A little something that makes things easier here is the syndrome of the propagation of username into password. Technically, when settling in America, they brought the propagation syndrome with them and the indigenous people adopted it.

Shrewd Europeans use their names or nicknames for usernames, and later create the password using these patterns:

  • P = username_123
  • P = 123_username
  • P = username123
  • P = 123username